Cari & Tony 11-14-2010
  Gayle, It is always a pleasure. Your note of thanks is a two-way I REALLY wanted Cari and Tony’s Wedding to be perfect, and it was.  I realize it was a team effort, but believe me, it would not have been as flawless if you had not been at the helm.  Cari had been so stressed because she had been planning everything from Cuba .  You not only helped to calm her fears, but you really pulled everything together for them. 
  From my perspective, I owe you a big thank you too ! All Weddings are wonderful, but I LOVE  those Weddings that are magical The kind of Wedding where, when I’m standind up there, the emotion is palpable.
The kind of Wedding where, when standing up there, I get goosebumps!! Cari and Tony had that kind of Wedding. 
Lauren-Michele Seals Wedding Officiant                        
“Beautiful Is The Day That Is Touched by Love”         

Click here to add text.eeeI'm not even sure where to begin with Gayle. I find it hard to find words to express how AMAZYNG she was during all the events and details leading up to and on my wedding day. I was trying to find words to write for this review that would match how awesome her services were but I don't think that is possible. She is definitely worth her weight in gold!!!!
Gayle was EXTREMELY accomodating. She helped me find some of my vendors, made great suggestions, and bent over backwards to make my husband and I happy. If my husband or I asked her something she would get back to us very quickly or if it was something she could do she smiled and said, I'll do it for you or I'll find out. She is VERY on top of everything and thorough. No detail went untouched or unmentioned.
On the day of the wedding...wow. She took care of EVERYTHING. I didn't have to worry about anything because I knew she would pull through and put everything in place. I can't even imagine how stressful the day would have been with out her. Now I know why some brides say their day flies by...its because they have to worry about minor details. If you hire Gayle, you won't have to worry about those things and focus on your day more.

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Gayle!!! She is worth every penny! She seriously made my day that much more better! I don't know or want to begin to know what my day would have been like without her there! Thank you so, so, so much Gayle!!!!!!
Bre & George 5-29-2011
  I can't even begin to tell you how pleased we were with Gayle and every single detail of our son's wedding. The ceremony was lovely and things went along so smoothly. I never saw the bride in a frantic state and the groom was always smiling! The dinner was delicious and the reception was a blast. I couldn't believe the last dance came so soon. I had so many friends and family comment on how fun the wedding/reception was and what a great time they had. Even the weather was wonderful (did she have anything to do with that?).

I would highly recommend Gayle if you want a memorable and fun wedding.  Judi Mother of the Bride
Chelsea & Dave 4-29-2011 (My Royal Couple)
Krystal & Dan 5-15-2010
Gayle is one of a kind! She was extremely tentative to all our needs for our wedding planning, she caught the details that we missed and helped steer us into the right direction of completing these details. She helped make sure that the day of the wedding ran smoothly. We were more than happy with her services, my husband and our family reference her to all our friends who are in the process of getting ready to walk down the aisle. If you choose Gayle as your Wedding Coordinator you will not regret your choice!
Thanks again for making our day the best day of our lives,
Daniel & Krystal G.
   Nichole & Chris 9-26-2009

Gayle was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. We needed a coordinator, just for the day, and we were so glad we found Gayle! She kept the whole timeline and flow of the day together. Unfortunately, my grandpa passed away the day before our wedding, and she was very empathetic and accommodating. She immediately came up with ways we could honor him at the ceremony. She also walked my grandma down the aisle. I don't know what I would have done without her! She made sure we were worry-free throughout the entire reception and provided us with anything we needed. She was calm, respectful and professional. She has a warm personality and works well with others. On top of everything, she was very affordable! We couldn't have been happier with her services. Nichole & Chris
ClicGayle - you are absolutely amazing! Thank you for all your work and attention to Cari and Tony's wedding - Fantastic job!!!!!!!!"
Karen (mother of the bride)
Renee & Joe 5-14-2011
My sister got married in May and I don't think that I have ever seen a wedding go as smoothly as it did. IT WAS ALL THANKS TO GAYLE. She has to be one of the most amazing women I know. She was so sweet and so helpful!!! She took care of everything.. and I mean EVERYTHING!! There was not one thing that we had to worry about because Gayle was on top of it all. She was at the rehearsal with us making sure that everything went smoothly. She was at our house bright and early the day of the wedding going back and forth checking on everything. While the bridal party was taking pictures she had taken it upon herself to bring trays of all the appetizers being served at the reception to be brought to us while we were taking pictures.. There was not one thing that she didn't do for us. She was there from the very beginning until the guests left. Something that I have never seen in an event planner..
I got married 4 years ago and I WISH that Gayle was there to make my wedding as amazing and memorable as she made my sisters. I highly recommend Gayle for weddings and ALL events. If you honestly want things to run smoothly, whether it is a wedding or any party, GAYLE IS THE PERSON TO GO TO!!!It does not get any better than Gayle.. SHE TRUELY IS EXCELLENT!!
Gayle became one of us.. She fit in perfect with the family and was so easy to get along with. We laughed and joked from the first 10 minutes of meeting her.. and we weren't the bride or groom. My whole family loved her and the bridal party adored her.  You did an amazing job!! Thank you!! Renee's wedding went so smoothly